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Many members of the global community have lactose intolerance or allergies which makes the already difficult task of planning wholesome meals even more daunting. By ensuring that all our products are free of lactose, we ensure that we support anyone wanting to make wholesome, green and ethical choices.

Boasting wholesome nutrition through solely natural ingredients without modification, all our products are GMO-free.

Strictly Vegan
As part of our stand against animal cruelty, we ensure that all our products are vegan. Our products and packaging do not contain any animal products or by-products.
Palm Oil Free
We are strongly against the damage the palm oil industry is causing to our environment and animals and so it is our promise that every product from this range is proudly palm oil free.

Living sustainably with a strong focus on preserving and promoting an unpolluted environment, we ensure that all our packing is recyclable.
We know paper or biodegradable packaging is an option, but a fine balance exists between shelf life and food waste. We want to optimally deliver a quality product, with a good shelf life that won't expire before the consumer is able to consume it. Food waste and it's negative impact is as much a reality as unrecyclable plastic.
With the steady rise of celiac disease and gluten intolerance globally and more research suggesting that gluten poses health risks, we have committed to ensuring all our products are gluten-free. This forms a part of our goal that none of our products will contain any potentially harmful ingredients.

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